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Thrive Co is an Australian-Based resource supplier to churches, small groups, and ministries. Our world is changing. The need to innovate is greater than ever.  Resources created by pastors, for pastors.

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Millennials White Paper

The challenge is real. 18-29 year olds who have no religious affiliation has nearly quadrupled in the last 30 years. A new generation is here, and they think, relate, and live differently than any other generation before them. 


Increased life expectancy has led to multiple generations living simultaneously, and we need the generational intelligence to relate to people that where raised in such vastly different moments of human history.


By 2030, Millennials will represent 75% of the global workforce. Will they represent 75% of your church?


Millennials are the future. And the future is now.


The Millennial generation represents the most significant shift the Western church has experienced in recent years. We are facing a mega-shift in culture, church attendance, religious beliefs, and how to merge guiding principles with daily life. 


By effectively reaching and leading Millennials, you have the power to grow your church for future generations, if you can harness their thirst for knowledge and the belief that they can do something significant.  


This free 11,000 word White Paper contains 9 Innovations to leading Millennials. It explains how Millennials can grow your church and change the world.

About the Author:


Benjamin Windle is a pastor, author, and life strategist. His ‘Life Minute’ radio program brings 60 seconds of life skills to more than one million listeners on a daily basis. Benjamin is married to his high school sweetheart, Cindi, and in their early twentiesthey moved to the City of Roses—Portland, Oregon—where they worked at City Bible Church for Dr. Frank Damazio. In 2009, they returned with their family to Brisbane to pioneer Lifeplace Church. 


Lifeplace Church is now a thriving multi-campus organization serving a diverse range of people. 

This insight on Millennials' faith is part of Benjamin’s desire to help churches create Generationally Intelligent communities.He advocates that ‘New isn’t on the way. It’s here.’

Foreword by Dr Frank Damazio

Millennials- there couldn’t be a more important and vital group of people to love and support then the millennial generation.


They have been trashed by endless articles and books over the last few years.We are the ones who made this generation so if there is a great disaster going on it’s ours to own!


I personally think the Millenials are the best to work with and see the greatness in this generation. They have heart- tons and tons of loyalty, compassion,love for justice and a huge disgust for the big ego leaders and money wasting organizations! I love there raw honesty,deep authenticity and the hunger to learn.


This is there time and I want to be a part of it - finally a great book on the Millenials!

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